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Oleksandra “Sasha” Masiuk  

World-renowned award-winning Tattoo Artist.

Founder of Saint Unique, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Grishchuk has been engaged in the leading capacity as Art Director for Saint Unique, overseeing creative development of both Sashatattooing and BySashatattooing brands, where she has been vital in leading the revitalization of our brand in the United States in a multitude of ways, such as: art directing public initiatives in preparation of the launch for our organic cosmetics collection, taking charge of prominent brand collaborations, art directing our photoshoots, website designs, social media presence content design, as well as art direction and design of all other commercial and advertisement materials.

In response to the global pandemic, Ms. Grishchuk took charge of the creation, redesign, and revitalization of our website, online marketplace, and social media presence. 

As a result of her extraordinary creative vision, and ability to curate intriguing branding concepts that resonate with the consumer, Ms. Grishchuk’s art direction of our brand presence has resulted in an increase in sales by 12 times for 2020.

In sum, Yana Grishchuk is an outstanding designer and art director who has undoubtedly been critical to our company and brand. Her creative prowess drives the industry forward, especially in terms of innovative brand identity and strategy. 

As a result of Ms. Grishchuk’s exceptional design initiatives and creative direction, BySashatattooing has not only survived during the pandemic but has also become one of the highest-selling temporary tattoo brands in the U.S.

Alexander Plotnikov  

Chief Director and Co-Founder

Kawaii Factory’s goods, which include accessories, clothes, food and souvenirs, are sold in over 100 shops across CIS.

Founded in 2007, Kawaii Factory’s goods, which include accessories, clothes, food and souvenirs, are sold in over 100 shops across the country, as well as in Belarus and Kazakhstan.  Further, our products are sold online and shipped internationally, via such platforms as Ozon (Russian analogue to Amazon), LaModa and Wildberries. Kawaii Factory has been listed in Forbes Top 25 as one of the most profitable Russian franchises in 2014.  We are also regularly covered in top press and media, such as OK! Magazine, Look at Me, The Village, Wonderzine and SNC, to name a few.  Over the past decade, I have worked with a number of prominent designers, graphic artists, illustrators and art directors in order to produce and promote Kawaii Factory goods, as well as uphold our prestige and authoritative position in the field.   

In light of Ms. Grishchuk’s outstanding achievements and prominence in the field of design, we commissioned her in a critical capacity as Art Director, Graphic Designer and Production Director for our brand

Ms. Grishchuk has been the creative force behind so many successful projects; another critical contribution includes her art direction of the gift category products, which was an entire new market for us.  Due to Ms. Grishchuk’s creative approach and graphic designs, we are now positioned in a leading role within gift sets (sweets category, such as chocolate bars, coffee, fortune cookies, etc.); this is a major accomplishment.  This category is now one of our most successful and we could not have achieved this without the expert work of Ms. Grishchuk.  

In fact, Ms. Grishchuk has spearheaded the artistic direction and graphic design for thousands of goods that our company produces, including our collections of accessories, clothing, smartphone accessories, household products, soft toys, diaries, notebooks, gift sets, cosmetics and different souvenirs, among other products.

It is worth stating that an organization with such size and prestige as Kawaii Factory has the resources to hire any creative professional that it wishes, therefore, it speaks volumes we have specifically chosen to commission Ms. Grishchuk’s expertise as a creative force behind the brand and its products. 

Her work has been vital to the organization as a whole and numerous of its highly successful projects. 


Yulia Peskova

Co-Founder and Chief Director

Ms. Grishchuk was a natural choice for Monoroom because of her innate ability to represent ideas in an interesting and captivating ways that catch our target audience’s attention and as a result, directly increase sales.

Throughout my career, I have rarely met creative professionals of Ms. Grishchuk’s caliber.  She is simply one of the top graphics designers who shapes the industry.  I have had the pleasure of working directly with Ms. Grishchuk and can attest to her outstanding expertise in our competitive field.

As anyone involved in fashion knows, the quality of capturing customers’ attention amongst all other competitors’ chaos is the key to any brands success.  


Nastya Nekrasova  

Award-winning Fashion Designer


I first knew of Ms. Grishchuk by word of mouth, due to her outstanding and original graphic design contributions to the field.  As Ms. Grishchuk was both accomplished and distinguished, I knew she would make a perfect speaker for Krasnodar School of Art & Design and in October 2017, I invited her to lead a workshop for over 100 students.  Ms. Grishchuk shared her experience in creating successful brands, highlighting her work as an art director and graphic designer, as well as explaining intersections with the business of fashion.

I later commissioned Ms. Grishchuk in a critical role, where I relied upon her graphic design expertise for a major rebranding project for my fashion brand. 

As Graphic Designer, Ms. Grishchuk expertly conceptualized, created and executed the logo and branding concept for Nastya Nekrasova, which was later used for promotional purposes on the company website, packaging, apparel/accessory labels and printed materials.  Her design inspiration of portraying sewing machine stitches in the logo to express the specificity of the brand was simply brilliant. 

Ms. Grishchuk’s designs have not only been successful for the national market, but have been instrumental in expanding our collaborations with partners in France, Italy and other European countries. 


It is in large part due to Ms. Grishchuk’s artistic branding vision and cutting-edge graphic design expertise that Nastya Nekrasova has achieved the level of success and recognition that it enjoys today. 

I received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from my colleagues and industry regarding the rebranding of Nastya Nekrasova. 

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