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Exploring the World Through My Lens.

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Photography is my way of exploring and connecting with the world around me.


Each place I visit is like trying on a new pair of jeans – seeing if it fits, if it complements my style, if it feels right. I dive into the streets, capturing the essence of each location through my camera, preserving the colors, shapes, and moods that inspire me.

Photography might not be my main profession, but it's a vital part of my creative process and personal exploration. It allows me to see the world from different perspectives and brings a unique depth to my work as a designer.

Travel has been a significant part of my life since childhood. I've lived in various cities and countries, always seeking new experiences, learning languages, and immersing myself in different cultures. This constant movement fuels my creativity and informs my work as a graphic designer and art director.

In these photos, taken in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Russia, and the USA, you’ll see my journey of finding beauty and harmony. Sometimes, I blend into the environment, becoming a part of the scene. Other times, I stand out, adding a unique element to the composition.

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