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Project «Petite Warrior»


Yana G. Petite Female Artist who works with Concrete. Los Angeles, California

«I don’t seem to fully associate myself with Women Power statements. 

But I am a Woman, and I feel my Power.

So I’d better relate myself to some Power of Femininity course.


In these Unprecedented times we are out of controlling anything more than ever. 

And more than ever I feel like I need to struggle for my own Peace and Comfort.

But there is always a choice which armor to take.


I choose Courage to stay Honest and Purposeful. 

And I grow my inner Strength to stay Peaceful, Inspired, and Kind.


I adore Concrete’s simplicity and creative potential. It’s fragile and monumental at once.

Just like me. I feel so much connected not only to Nature, but to the aesthetics and textures of man-made Architecture.

Because I believe that Creating Aesthetics is a major ability and crucial purpose of Humankind.»



Photo: Masha Goltsvard @masha_goltsvard

Art Director: Yana Grishchuk @yankee_g

MUA: Terezka Fras @terezkafras

Hair: Kirill Hairfucker @kirill_hairfucker

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