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Art by Accident.jpg

Immersive performance «Art by Accident»

1833 S Hope st., Los Angeles, CA

28 April 2021

Yana invited guests to explore the idea of becoming contemporary artists by accident.

Yana's key themes question whether a masterpiece can emerge from a long-term process or be created accidentally in a matter of seconds. She also explores whether artists consciously choose to become artists, or if it's a series of random, accidental events in their lives.

​Throughout the event, guests enthusiastically engaged with the creative process, discovering their own unexpected artistic potential. Many found joy in the spontaneity of creation, realizing that art can be as much about the journey as the final piece.


The experience left participants with a renewed appreciation for the unpredictable nature of creativity and the serendipitous moments that can lead to artistic breakthroughs.

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