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 I’ve been travelling a lot since childhood and I have already changed several cities and even countries to live in. And that’s not the end. I’m still planning to move somewhere else to have some new experience, learn the language and meet the traditions.  So every time I travel to a new place, I try to check whether it fits me or not. I try it on like a new pair of jeans to see if they are not too big for me or too small, if they have a pretty color and style.

And now it’s a real habit. Wherever I go I desperately explore the every inch of the street trying to find the beauty I would like to become a part of. And when I find it I take a photo in order to keep the memories and feelings about that place. I use the colors, shapes and mood to merge with it and make a harmony.

Or conversely I make the bright emphasis on myself playing the role of the missing element.

Here are some photos made in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Georgia, Russia and USA.

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