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Questionnaire for a
Graphic Designer/Social Media
position with TLS.


Do you have excellent graphic design skills? 

   I possess a strong set of graphic design skills that I've developed through 10+ years of education and hands-on experience.

   I have a solid understanding of design principles such as composition, color theory, typography, and layout. I'm skilled at creating visually appealing and effective designs for various platforms, whether it's print materials, digital assets, or user interfaces.


Which design software do you currently use? 

   I'm proficient in using a variety of design software, including Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Figma, Canva. 

Black Cat Genetics  IG Post_edited.png


Do you have a portfolio?

   Some of the projects I've been working on as a Graphic Designer and/or Art Director are represented on this website. Please navigate to the menu bar or just click here.


Are you able to work both on a MAC and PC? 

   Absolutely! I've been successfully working on both.
In terms of preference I would choose any machine with a higher efficiency level and a larger screen size. That helps me work faster.


Are you familiar with the latest social media trends? 

   Every summer I attend an Annual conference covering global Macro- and Micro- trends in Visual Content for the next year, including photography, social media content, campaigns in different segments from luxury brands to mass-market. That helps me have a more broad understanding of cultural trends and potential customers' focus direction. 

As for the very Social Media trends, I would divide them in terms of:

A. Technologies and methods
This includes the Apps and platforms, new tools, preferable length of the videos, format, etc.

B. Product/Industry trends
This requires a regular research on what's going on in the industry, keeping an eye on competitors and top influencers, etc.

C. "Out of industry" situations 
This is a part where we build the connection with our target audience using the topics that "our people" care about besides what our product can help them with, whether it's a Holiday season, or a sudden pandemic that locks us up at home.  


Social media posts including daily and creating fun reels? 

   I have extensive experience in managing social media posts on a daily basis, including the concept creation, copy, templates, posts and stories designs, and videos.
  In fact, I've been actively involved in this aspect since 2016. Throughout my journey, I've consistently designed captivating content tailored for various social media platforms. 


   Currently, I contribute as a member of the in-house marketing team, where I'm responsible for crafting dynamic social media posts that align with our brand's message and guidelines. Please find details here.

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Basepaws Insta.png

   Also I provide mentorship for adults to develop skills in digital content, including photography and video. This program has helped hundreds of people to start their creative journey on instagram, develop creativity in their career, or make a daily life more fulfilled and aesthetical. 
 Find out more about photography and digital content here.


What are your thoughts on TikTok?

   I consider TikTok to be a powerful platform with immense potential for creative expression and engagement. Its short-form video format allows for quick and impactful storytelling, making it a valuable tool for reaching the audience.   
  As a graphic designer and creator, I recognize TikTok's ability to showcase visual content in innovative ways, and I'm open to using its features to enhance the brand's presence and connect with the target demographic effectively.

Thank you!

Don't hesitate to ask if you need more information or if there's anything else I can help you with.


Skills test. Logo concepts, website banners, video production.

White RK.gif
RUBY K logo-02.png
Black RK.gif
RUBY K logo-03.png

2. Website banners.

TLS banners.png
RUBY K logo-04.png
RUBY K logo-05.png
TLS Banners Elements.png

Elements used for the banners:

3. IG/TikTok short reel.

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