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Saint Unique Inc. is a company launched by Oleksandra Masiuk professionally known as Sashatattooing. Sasha is a world-renowned award-winning LA-based tattoo artist. Currently there are 5 Sashatattooing studios open in Spain and the U.S.

Her clients are celebrities like Adam Levine (Maroon 5), Trippie Redd, Marlon Vera “Chito” UFC, etc. She is the Ambassador of Adidas, S7, L’Oreal in Russia, and YSL Beauty, Urban Decay in the United States.

There are lots of collaborations with brands like Reebok, Google ATAP, Levi’s, Conte, Bats, Black Alchemy, Bishop Rotary, Zhilyova Lingerie, Saint of LA, etc.

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I started working with Sashatattooing as an Art Director in December 2018.

Since that time I’ve managed and art directed lots of creative projects, including

- brand identity,

- personal website and branded online store,

- commercial photoshoots,

- social media accounts content,

- organic cosmetics collection,

- merch collections,

- collaborations with Conte, Saint of LA, Black Swan, Another Nails, Apothic brands.

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My very first big project for Sashatattooing became a collection of Vegan Cruelty-free facial treatment produced in California.

I've  made a decision not to use Sasha’s flowers and mandalas for the packaging design. This cosmetics was not about a merch collection. We were creating high quality products totally organic and cruelty free.

I created the most laconic packaging design to emphasize the importance

of the ingredients and the quality. Natural materials, craft, simple black and white printing - all this reflected the value of the product.

I managed the whole process from creating the collection to promotional content production. So it didn’t take too long to have it Sold out. We shipped the orders not only through the US, but also to Canada, Mexico, Europe and even Australia.

We’ve received lots of good reviews and press publications.

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During the pandemic times when Sasha’s tattoo shops remained closed, our website was the only source of income for the team.

So I worked hard on preparing new designs and art directed our best commercials and collaborations so that we could increase our income from selling temporary tattoos and other accessories.

Sashatattooing portfolio_edited.jpg

Now brand sells over 10 000 temporary tattoos a year shipping worldwide, but most of all through the United States. These tattoos are more expensive than one might find on Amazon. So people buy them for particular reasons.

These tattoos are of very high quality standarda, hypoallergenic, and safe even for kids.

I managed the process of designing and producing them. 

I was responsible for all the promotional content, new photoshoots, creative video production.


I have managed and art directed the brand presence in Social Media that has increased the sales by 12 times in 2020.

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Sashatattooing portfolio_edited.jpg

In June 2020 I art directed a photoshoot for By Sashatattooing brand, and our photos were chosen for the FIENFH June Issue 2020 Cover.

FIENFH is a Parisian fashion magazine.

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